Our Vision

Allure Homes is a custom home building & remodeling company specializing in homes in well-located, established, urban and suburban neighborhoods in the Triangle. Our experienced team works closely with you to design and build the perfect home for your unique parcel, neighborhood and lifestyle.

Allure Homes are eye catching and unique to those around them. Known for their subtle charm, they are admired for distinct architecture and custom design details. They have energetic exteriors and lively interiors that cater to each homeowners individuality creating the dream home they desire. The touches of luxury throughout every space, detailed craftsmanship, and generous use of environmentally friendly materials make your Allure home one of value and durability.








The Allure Difference

Have you ever ridden by a home that caught your eye among all the others? That is the ALLURE. Our attention to detail gives each client a home with subtle charm that makes it standout among the rest. We have been specializing in new home building, renovations, additions, and historic home preservation since 2005.

Dedicated to Quality

Allure Homes has a dedicated team of Architectural Engineers, Design Experts, General Contractors, Tradesman and Vendors that give superior service and industry knowledge that make the building process as enjoyable as our end product, your superior new or restored home.

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